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Kamrupa: A dual purpose variety for free range farming in Assan

“Kamrupa” is a multi-coloured bird for rural poultry production developed under All India Coordinated Research Project on Poultry Breeding at Assam Agriculture University, Khanapara, Guwahati, Assam. It is three way cross developed using Assam local ecotype (25%), Coloured Broiler (25%) and Dalhem Red (50%) population. This variety has coloured plumage, mediocre body weight and longer shanks with optimum egg production. Under backyard system, the body weight at 8 and 20 weeks is 500-650 grams and 1300-1500grams, respectively.  The male birds weigh 1800-2200 grams at 40 weeks of age the annual egg production is 118-130 eggs with an egg weight of 52 grams.  The survivability is above 95%.  This new variety was released on 11th February 2015 in the presence of Prof. K.M.L.Pathak DDG (AS), Dr. K.M. Bujarbaruah, Vice Chancellor, AAU, Jorhat, Assam at Guwahati.



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