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Jharsim: A location specific rural poultry variety for Jharkhand

        A dual  purpose location specific variety, Jharsim, suitable for Jharkhand state developed under All India Co-Ordinated Research Project on Poultry Breeding, Birsa Agricultural University, Ranchi Centre, was released on 11th April, 2016 by Hon’ble Dy. Director General (Animal Science) ICAR, Dr. H. Rahman in the presence of Dr. George John, Vice-chancellor, BAU, Ranchi, Dr. R. S. Gandhi ADG (AP&B), ICAR, Dr. R. N. Chatterjee, Director, Directorate of Poultry Research, Hyderabad and Dr. Vineet Bhasin, Principal Scientist (AG&B), ICAR.

            The name Jharsim is derived from Jhar for Jarkhand and sim meaning hen in tribal dialect. These birds have attractive multi-colour plumage, perform better on low plane of nutrition, faster growth, optimum egg production and better adaptability to agro climatic conditions of Jharkhand.  The birds weigh 400-500g at 6 weeks and 1600-1800 g at maturity under backyard system. The age at first egg is 175-180 days and egg weight is 52-55g at 40 weeks of age. The birds have the potential to lay 165-170 eggs and under backyard system. This variety can provide higher supplementary income and nutrition through both egg and meat to rural/ tribal population of the state.



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