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Maha Pashudan Expo 2019

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ICAR- DPR participated in Mahapashudan Expo-2019 at Jalna, Maharashtra

ICAR-DPR participated in Mahapashudan Expo-2019 organized by Department of Animal Husbandry, Maharashtra Government during 2-4 February, 2019 at Jalna, Maharashtra. Hon’ble Minister of state for Dairy Development of Maharashtra Government, Sh. Arjun Khotkar inaugurated the exhibition on 02/02/2019. Native chicken breeds Aseel, Gaghus and Nicobari and improved chicken varieties, Vanaraja and Gramapriya,  were displayed by the Directorate in the exhibition which attracted the attention of farmers and other visitors. Thousands of farmers attended the mela on each day and also visited the ICAR-DPR stall. Farmers showed lot of interest in learning about the different chicken varieties and also feeding management for small scale or backyard poultry. Queries of the farmers regarding chicken varieties, feeding and other management aspects were answered and printed literature on the backyard varieties was provided to the farmers. Many farmers and rural youth showed interest in adopting backyard poultry production as their livelihood. Hon’ble Minister Sh. Arjun Khotkar, Animal husbandry commissioner and other dignitaries visited the stall and appreciated the efforts being made by the Directorate for uplifting the economy and nutritional status of the resource poor farmers. Technical sessions were also organized for the benefit of farmers. Maharashtra Chief Minister Sh.Devendra Fadnavis attended the closing ceremony on 04/02/2019 evening.


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