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TSP:Input Distribution, June-19

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Inputs distribution to tribal farmers under Tribal Sub Plan (TSP), DPR, Hyderabad

Input distribution program under Tribal Sub Plan was organized at Kolamguda and Thatiguda villages, (Adilabad District) on 22-06-2019. A total of 13 tribal farmers were benefited. ICAR-Directorate of Poultry Research, Hyderabad introduced rural/ backyard chicken farming with improved chicken varieties with an aim to improve the living standards of tribal farmers. Team of Scientists and Officer of this Directorate interacted with tribal beneficiaries. Advantage of rearing improved backyard chicken varieties was explained to the tribal farmers. A total of 10 tribal beneficiaries of Kolamguda were provided with about 190 Gramapriya birds, feed and medicine kit. Two way cross birds  were distributed to 3 tribal beneficiaries of Thatiguda for field evaluation. As a new initiative for proper safeguarding of birds during night, Temporary night shelters were already provided to all the beneficiaries. Expert team also interacted with tribal farmers of Thatiguda village, who earlier undergone training on “Backyard Poultry Rearing” at this Directorate. About 17 farmers formed a farmer’s producer group and started rearing Vanaraja birds. Team monitored the performance of the birds and given suitable suggestions for scientific rearing to exploit the potential of this rural variety.


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