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Training to SC farmers of Warangal District

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Training to SC farmers of Warangal District on “Backyard Poultry Rearing”

 One day training programme on “Backyard Poultry Rearing” was organized to Scheduled Caste farmers from Shambunipet village (Warangal district) under Schedule Caste Sub Plan on 6th December, 2019 . A total of 35 farmers (11 men and 24 women farmers), were trained during the programme. Dr.R.N.Chatterjee, Director, DPR interacted with the farmers and motivated them to start small scale backyard poultry farming. The farmers had hands on training on farm management including brooder preparation, brooding management, grower and layer feeding and management. Importance of eggs and meat as animal protein source to provide balanced nutrition to meet the nutrient needs of the  rural households were also highlighted to the participants. The trainees were also exposed to backyard poultry farming models for rearing improved varieties like Vanaraja, Gramapriya with low inputs and available feed resources. The farmers were provided with training kit including literature on package of practices on backyard rearing.


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