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Rastriya Kisan Diwas

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ICAR- DPR celebrated Rastriya Kisan Diwas

ICAR-DPR celebrated Rastriya Kisan Diwas inviting women farmers from villages nearby the Rajendra Nagar Mandal on 23.12.2021. A total of 15 women farmers and agri-enterpreneurs participated in the programme. Dr. R.N. Chatterjee, Director of the Directorate addressed the farmers and encouraged them to go for sustainable agriculture including the livestock component. He emphasised that women should come forward to form self-help groups and start-ups in livestock sector especially the poultry sector. He suggested that rural poultry farming with improved chicken varieties will yield very good results and help to eliminate malnutrition. A training programme was also organized by Dr. AnandLaxmi, Principal Scientist of this Directorate for the Women farmers. The farmers were shown the different activities of the farm related to breeding, nutrition, health and management. The farmers were distributed seed packets of various vegetable plants for growing in their kitchen garden. The farmers participated with lot of zeal and enthusiasm in the event. The programme was coordinated by Dr. K.S. Rajaravindra, Sr. Sci. and Nodal officer, Swachh Bharat Committee of the Directorate.

ICAR- DPR celebrated Rastriya Kisan Diwas
ICAR- DPR celebrated Rastriya Kisan Diwas    ICAR- DPR celebrated Rastriya Kisan Diwas


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