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Sl. No.Project TitlePIName of Co-PIsProject Duration
1.      Genetic improvement of rural parent lines and development of promising chicken varieties suitable for free range poultry farming (Project No. ANSCDPRSIL202000200072)Dr. U. RajkumarDr. M.NiranjanDr. S.HaunshiDr. L.L.L.PrinceDr. M.R.ReddyDr. Vijay KumarDr. B.PrakashDr. S. JayakumarDr. Aneet Kour (from July, 20232020-25
2.      Improvement and Evaluation of PD-2 and PD-6 lines for Rural Poultry Production (Project No. ANSCDPRSIL202000300073)Dr. M. NiranjanDr. U. RajkumarDr. K.S. RajaravindraDr. T.R. Kannaki2020-25
3.      Genetic improvement and evaluation of native chicken breeds (Project No. ANSCDPRSIL202000400074)Dr. S. HaunshiDr. U. RajkumarDr. L.L.L. PrinceDr. T.R. KannakiDr. Suresh Devatkal(NRCM)2020-25
4.      Improvement and maintenance of elite layer germplasm (Project No. ANSCDPRSIL202000500075)Dr. K.S. Rajaravindra (up to June 2023)  Dr. Aneet Kour (from July, 2023) Dr. R.N.ChatterjeeDr. K.S. Rajaravindra (from July, 2023)Dr. M.NiranjanDr. U.RajkumarDr. S.HaunshiDr. L.L.L.Prince2020-25
5.      Development of coloured egg type germ plasm for enhanced egg production in rural and backyard system(Project No. ANSCDPRSIL202300500099)Dr. K.S. RajaravindraDr. R.N. Chatterjee Dr. U. RajkumarDr. Aneet KourDr. M. NiranjanDr. S. Haunshi Dr. L.L.L. Prince 2023-26
6.      Genetic improvement of synthetic coloured broiler male line (PB-1) and maintenance of Broiler Control population (Project No. ANSCDPRSIL202000600076)Dr. L. Leslie Leo PrinceDr. K.S.RajaravindraDr. U.RajkumarDr. B.L.N.ReddyDr. M.Niranjan2020-25
7.      Genetic improvement of the coloured broiler female line (PB-2) (Project No. -ANSCDPRSIL201900100068)  Dr. B.L.N. ReddyDr. U.RajkumarDr. L.L.L.Prince2019-24
8.      Generation of whole genome assembly of native Kadaknath chicken and its annotation (Project No. ANSCDPRSIL202000100071)Dr. S.P. YadavDr. S.S.PaulDr. R.N.ChatterjeeDr. S. Jaya Kumar2020-24
9.      Genomic Characterization and Identification of Selection Sweeps and CNVs in NativeChicken and Duck (Project No. ANSCDPRSIL202200100091)Dr. S.P. YadavDr JayakumarDr S. S. PaulDr. R.N.ChatterjeeDr. Rajalaxmi Behera2022-25
10.  Exploration of Genomic architecture of the Indian native ducks using whole genome sequencing and transcriptome analysis (Project No. ANSCDPRSIL202100200086)Dr. S. Jayakumar  Dr. R.N. ChatterjeeDr. C.K. BeuraDr. S.K. MishraDr. M.K. PadhiDr. S.C. GiriDr. S.P. Yadav Dr. D.C. Mishra-IASRI, New Delhi2021-25
11.  Genome wide profiling of long intergenic non-coding RNAs, miRNAs and mRNAs during the asymmetric ovarian development of Chicken (Project No. ANSCDPRSIL202100100085)Dr. S. JayakumarDr U Rajkumar Dr M. Shanmugam Dr T. K. BhattacharyaDr. S.P. Yadav2021-24
12.  Regeneration and maintenance of the transgenic chicken producing human interferon alpha 2b (Project No. ANSCDPRSIL202300200096) Dr. S. JayakumarDr.M.R.ReddyDr.K.S.Raja Ravindra2023-25
13.  Regeneration and maintenance of CRISPR/Cas9 edited Kadaknath and Nicobari chicken for Prolactin and Inhibin genes (Project No. ANSCDPRSIL202300600100)Dr. K.S. RajaravindraDr. S. JayakumarDr. Aneet Kour

14.  Identification and characterization of residual feed intake specific SNPs and candidate genes in coloured broiler (Project No. ANSCDPRSIL202100300087) Dr. S.S. PaulDr. U RajkumarDr. L L L PrinceDr. SV Rama RaoDr. S JayakumarDr. MVLN RajuDr. A KannanDr. SP YadavDr. B Prakash2021-24
15.  Disease Monitoring, Surveillance and Control in Chicken Populations of DPR (Project No. ANSCDPRSIL202001100081)Dr. M.R. ReddyDr. D.Suchitra SenaDr. T.R.KannakiDr. S.K.Bhanja2020-24
16.  Prediction of health status in poultry using Machine Learning models(Project No. ANSCDPRSIL202300300097)Dr. D.Suchitra SenaDr. M.R. ReddyDr. S.K.Bhanja2023-26
17.  Relationship between different physiological parameters and production performance in White Leghorn layers (Project No. ANSCDPRSIL202200400094)Dr. N. Anand LaxmiDr. R. K. MahapatraDr. M. Shanmugam2022-25
18.  Poultry rearing with moringa and other feed base - an Integrated Farming System (Project No. ANSCDPRSIL202001200082)Dr. R.K. MahapatraDr. B.PrakashDr. S.K.BhanjaDr. M.R.Reddy 2020-24
19.  Cryopreservation of blastodermal cells and production of chicken chimera (Project No. ANSCDPRSIL202100400088)Dr. M. ShanmugamDr. N. Anand Laxmi 2021-24
20.  Assessment of ICAR-DPR germplasms in the field condition and their impact on food security and livelihood (Project No. ANSCDPRSIL202001300083)Dr. Vijay KumarDr. S.K.BhanjaDr. M.NiranjanDr. S.V.Rama Rao2020-24
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