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Quantitative genetics

This is the DPR's major activity, which generates, processes and documents breeding data. This facility undertakes genetic improvement of various purelines for growth and production performance traits. Various tools of population genetics viz genetic and phenotypic parameters, index selection, correlation and regression analysis are being used for selection of pedigree. This facility is equipped with advanced data recording equipment, and computers with data analysis software.  

 Contact persons: Dr R.N. Chatterjee, Dr B.L.N. Reddy, Dr U. Rajkumar, Dr Santosh Haunshi, Dr. L. Leslie Leo Prince, Dr. K. Sri Rajaravindra

Molecular genetics

molecular geneticsThis facility undertakes molecular characterization of pureline populations. The laboratory is well equipped with thermocycler, microplate reader, gel documentation system, electrophoresis systems, laminar flow hoods, freezers, CO2 incubator etc. 

Contact persons: Dr. R. N. Chatterjee, Dr. T.K. Bhattacharya, Dr. S.P. Yadav

Poultry nutrition     

Poultry NutritionThis facility undertakes research on nutrient requirements of purelines and their crosses, nutrient estimations, immunomodulation by nutrients, mycotoxins and improvement of nutrient utilisation. Nutrition laboratories are well equipped with Atomic absorption spectrophotometer, Gas chromatograph, High performance liquid chromatograph, Automatic nitrogen analyser, fat analyser and fibre analyser, HPTLC scanner and sample applicator, Microwave muffle furnace etc. The facility also extends expert guidance to DPR customers on nutrition and feeding. 

Contact Persons: Dr S.V.Rama Rao, Dr M.V.L.N.Raju, Dr S.S. Paul, Dr. A. Kannan, Dr. B. Prakash

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