Vanaraja rearing in tribal villages


Induction of Vanaraja rearing in tribal villages under Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) Program


ICAR-Directorate of Poultry Research, Hyderabad introduced rural/ backyard chicken farming with Vanaraja chicken, with an aim to improve the income and living standards of tribal farmers under Tribal Sub Plan Programme. Input distribution program was organized at Mankapur (Narnoor Mandal) and Thatiguda (Pembi Mandal) villages of Adilabad (united) District on 30-08-2019. A total of 51 tribal beneficiaries were provided with grownup birds, feed and poultry equipments. Most of the tribal farmers already undergone training on “Backyard Poultry Rearing” at ICAR-DPR. A total of 650 Vanaraja birds, 700kg feed, 20 feeders, 20 waterers and medicine kits were distributed. Potential benefits of backyard farming and its management practices under free range backyard system were explained to the tribal farmers. Scientists/Officers form ICAR, DPR and about 100 tribal farmers registered under Tirupati Raithu Sakakara Sangam of Markapur were present during the programme.