SCSP birds distribution programme on 11 December 2019

SC Subplan: Input distribution programme at Shambunipet  village, Warangal District  

 Under the SC Subplan, Directorate organized an awareness cum input distribution programme on “Backyard poultry farming” at Shambunipet Village, Warangal district, Telangana on 11-12-2019. A total of 33 farmers were provided inputs during the programme. These beneficiaries had already undergone training on “Backyard Poultry Rearing” at ICAR-DPR. Each beneficiary was provided with 18-19 Vanaraja birds (7 weeks of age), 25kg feed, one feeder and one waterer. A total of 600 Vanaraja birds, 825kg feed, 33 feeders, 33  waterers and medicine kits were distributed. Detailed inputs for rearing the birds under village conditions along with relevant literature in Telugu were provided to the beneficiaries.

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