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Training programs sponsored by Agriculture Skill Council of India (ASCI):

Title: 1. Small Poultry Farmer, 2. Broiler Farm Supervisor and 3. Hatchery Operator (Poultry)

Duration and date of start: 24 days duration, tentative start date is 07/01/2020 for first training.
Eligibility: Minimum educational qualification 10th standard
Details: Interested persons residing near Hyderabad may register their name and must have Aadhaar and email id.
Contact Person: Dr. M. Shanmugam, Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    Phone: 040-24015651 Extension: 136.

Expression of Interest on technology developed at this Directorate

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 A kit for detection of myostatin or any other protein with a paper dip assay

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 Latest price list and payment details for supply of germplasm *


 Rates for Avian Health and Diagnostics Services, Contract Service project 

  Payment Gateway

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 06-08-2019 Price Fixation of Kadaknath grownup birds
 25-03-2019 Rates fixed for KADAKNATH fertile eggs and Day old chicks


Compensation for loss of chicks due to transportation stress for parents's DOC germplasm (transit loss) and Rate of male Dehlam Red DOC


 Price fixation of day old chicks of PD-4 (Improved Aseel) and Ghagus


 Price list and payment details for supply of germplasm 


 Price fixed for Germplasm (Day Old) by Price Fixation Committee




Price fixation of fertile eggs/day old chicks of Vanaraja and Gramapriya


Price fixation of Ghagus day old chicks and services for reading ELISA plate (ALV)


Rates fixed by price fixation committee


Selling price of Aseel day old chicks


Rates for germplasm, lab diagnostic services, birds, eggs, feed, litter etc.


Rates for germplasm, lab diagnostic services, birds, eggs, feed, litter etc.

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