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· Vanaraja, a dual-purpose variety for free range farming in rural and tribal areas was developed and improved further. In Vanaraja, males weigh about 1.2 to 1.5 kg at 10 wks and females lay about 120-140 eggs in laying year. The bird is hardy and has better immunocompetence. Because of its multi coloured plumage and brown eggs, it is well accepted by the rural people across the country including Andaman & Nicobar islands, Jammu & Kashmir and the north-eastern region.

· Gramapriya, a layer type variety was developed for free range farming in rural and tribal areas. The bird has the production potential of 230-240 eggs in a year and can lay 160-180 eggs in free-range conditions with minimum supplementary feeding. The males weigh around 1.2 to 1.5kg at 15 wks of age and suitable for tandoori preparations. The bird has coloured plumage and lays bigger (57-59g) and brown eggs. It is hardy and livability is high. The rural and tribal farmers of many states are being profited by this variety.

· Krishibro, a broiler cross developed by this institute ranked third among 9 broiler crosses form both private and public sector in the 24th Random sample poultry performance test (RSPPT) for broilers held during 2005 at Gurgaon. Krishbro weighed 1.44 and 1.92kg at 42nd and 49th d and 7th wk of age, respectively with the corresponding feed efficiency of 2.05 and 2.13. Dressing percentage was 72.6%.

· Krishi layer, a commercial layer variety was evolved utilizing IWH and IWI lines for the benefit of the farmers. The variety has the potential to lay about 280 eggs/year on hen housed basis.

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